Picnic with us this summer season to make a menu that everyone will enjoy.

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Online Shopping

Online & On The Go!

Let us save you time by bringing your groceries to your car! Order online and we'll put your order together for you.

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Caribou Coffee

Life Is Short. Stay Awake For It.

You'll find Caribou Coffee shops at our Hudson, New Richmond, River Falls, and Kearney locations. Sorry, not available in Farmington.

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Handcrafted Burgers

The unique flavors of our signature handcrafted burgers will have guests begging for your secret recipe. Don't worry, we won't tell!


Try our different flavors: 
• Bacon Cheddar Burgers
• Monterey Jack Bacon Burgers
• Black Bleu Burgers
• Burgandy Pepper/Mushroom Burgers
• Teriyaki/Mushroom Burgers


Find the best local produce at peak freshness!

Produce Department

Full service and selection — that's our motto.

Meat Department

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Our Pharmacy

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